Bill Ireland with Gibson 335 Bill Ireland with the 2 Plus 2s at Andrews Air Force Base, 1964 The group--Bill, Frank Troiano, Phil Norris, Dan Stentz, not seen--Peter Bates, Terry McNab Bill Ireland during the Jesus Movement
The Stoics about to board a riverboat in Washington D.C., 1966.  Larry J. Sauter, Chris Ally RIP, Al Whiting, Mike Teubner, J.G. Hertzler AKA Martok, underage Bill Ireland Bill Ireland Group--early '80s Bill and percussionist extraordinaire, Danny Ybarra Bill plays at the wedding of his son Asher and his bride Brooke

About Bill

I was six years old and my dad was in the bathroom shaving. I was sitting by his bed singing to myself.

As he came out drying his face with a towel, I announced, "Daddy, I wrote a song!"

He was amused, in a distracted, dad kind of way.

"It's called 'I Love You'."

"That's nice."

I had my own transistor radio and spent most of my spare time listening to rock and roll. I had normal interests too, but music was all that really mattered.

From there, it was ...

  • Getting up at six on Saturday mornings to noodle on the piano (annoying everyone in the house)
  • Treating every surface like a drum (annoying them even more)
  • Guitar lessons at age ten (a dismal failure)
  • Teaching myself guitar at age 11 (a success)
  • Buying my first mail-order electric guitar from the Sears catalog
  • Forming a surf band with my brother, Chris
  • Playing drums in the school band
  • Buying my first brand new Stratocaster (moving up!)
  • Discovering folk music, then blues, gospel, and jazz
  • Writing my own songs; then singing them because there was no one else to do it
  • Praising God through music with a succession of Christian groups and choirs
  • Singing on TV and radio; for wedddings, funerals, banquets and youth groups; in churches, parks, prisons and skating rinks
  • Playing jazz guitar in big bands and small groups around L.A.

And now, here we are.